Friday, March 1, 2013

Village Cycle Center Socks by SockGuy

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We just ordered some of our very own custom socks by SockGuy.

Our very own Village Cycle Center socks by SockGuy!

Available in black or white, in small/medium or medium/large sizes.

Men S/M 5-9
Men M/L 9-13

Women S/M 6-10
Women M/L 10-14

Euro S/M 37-42
Euro M/L 42-48

SockGuy Product Info

SockGuy maintains the highest standards to deliver the best performance socks on the market today. Our socks hug your feet in style and comfort and are built to last. All of our socks feature more ultra-wicking fiber and our exclusive super-soft yarn so your feet stay dry, cool and comfy no matter how hard you play. SockGuy socks are designed by award winning artists and feature unique graphics that capture cool up-to-the-minute trends and designs. All of our socks are proudly Made in the U.S.A.

All of our socks feature our Stretch-to-Fit™ sizing system and our exclusive Easy-Fit™ cuff for a perfect fit every time on any foot.


Our most popular socks feature off-beat, original designs that appeal to a broad range of athletes, from professionals to weekend warriors to multi-sport enthusiasts who like to have unique socks to match their personality and attitude.

Our Classic socks feature:

- Superior softness and comfort that helps eliminate blisters and hot spots
- Mesh upper for supreme air flow
- Double-stitched heel and toe for strength and durability

We are expecting their arrival the first week of May 2013.
You can preorder yours today at

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guess the Weight Contest

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Well, it looks like Facebook is being a giant PITA right now, and I cannot post the picture to have this contest with, so, we are changing it up.

The contest is going to take place here on our blog instead, and because it is slightly a bigger PITA to have the contest here, everyone who posts in the contest will get a online coupon good for 20% off the Blackburn Fleas or Scorch.


Here is the contest:

Guess the weight of Brandon, Llama, and this Trek Stache 7 to win a Blackburn Scorch! We are rounding to the nearest pound. Hint: between 300-400 pounds. Guess as much as you want, I will add more hints through out the game. First to get it right, wins the light. (Everyone else, gets a 20% off coupon code.)  Ready... begin.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

0 Degrees and Riding / My New Trek Earl Update

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This mornings commute with 0 degree temps and windchill sitting at -15, creates the most peaceful time of year on the lake front. Usually full of runners, joggers, rollerbladers, cyclists, tourists, and other fun bike path adventurers, the frozen breeze of 0 degree day clears the waters edge of all but the hardcore. Today I was one the four cyclists, and two runners that occupied the lake front path during my ride in.

It has been over a week now with my new Trek Earl, and I am loving it more and more. Especially after a few changes I've made. Added some fatter rubber, 45c wide tires replaced the 28c stock tires, and swapped the 17t stock freewheel with a 21t. I traded higher top end speed for quicker acceleration, and in the city, for the bike I am looking for, this is splendid. The wider tires are a softer ride and suck up some of the vibration that is produced by the bumpy city streets. Also, they look a bit snazzier. My next planned change is the handlebar, I would like it wider then the chopped down stock bar. So much for getting a bike and not changing it, but what would the fun in that be?

Chicago River - Needs to be colder than 0 degree F to freeze this saucy waterway
Chicago River

A day for goggles and SRAM scarf

One other feller on the lake front path



Trek Earl

Added some fatter rubber

Changed the gear ratio up to a 21t in the back.

Bar Mitts! Didn't even need gloves with these.

Chopped chain guard, no more clank clank clank.

Demon llama!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My New Trek Earl

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I was in need of a lock up bike. Something simple, low maintenance, fun to ride, and cheap. I did not want something too flashy, bike thefts are going up around these parts, and I wanted my lock up bike, to stay, locked up.

Enter, Trek Bicycles, Earl. Single speed, urban goodness, with chain guard, and bottle opener. Yes, there is a built in bottle opener.

My goal was to not upgrade anything, but I couldn't help myself, and tossed on a stronger pair of metal platform pedals, two bolt seat post, and Bontrager Evoke saddle. Aside from my little changes, I also modified the fender a bit. Cut off some of the front of it so it does not rattle up against the chain ring. Easy peasy. Done.

Trek Bike Earl. ABUS Futura. Side view. (lock not included)

Chain guard. Boom. With a slight modification.

Off on the maiden voyage we go...

What a fun bike to ride!

Just push pedals, and enjoy your ride.

One gear leaves no thinking about shifting. Easy riding geometry with a rise bar, reminds me of big bmx bike. The only things I am going to change after the first ride is add fatter tires and a slightly easier pedal gear ratio. I would like more cushion in my rubber, and be able to accelerate easier off of objects or jumps.

That night when I got home, I welcomed Earl home properly, by using the built in bottle opener.

Trek Earl sports a built in bottle opener.

Tossed my lock on the frame, and took Mr. Earl to the grocery store last night. No special bike gear required.

Built in place to store your lock and open your beverage of choice.

Earl locked up.

The Trek Earl is available from Village Cycle Center!

Here are some more pictures of my sweet Trek Earl.

Here is some technical stuff about Earl you may want to know.

Frame - Trek chromoly, with double top tube that holds U-locks and has a built-in bottle opener
Fork  - Trek steel
Rims/Wheels  - Bontrager aluminum
Hubs - Aluminum, sealed bearing ( actually, they are not sealed bearings, the spec is off.)
Tires - Bontrager H2, 700 x 28c
Crankset - Aluminum 3-piece
Chainrings -  44T
Rear Cogs  - 17T freewheel
Handlebars - Steel
Tape/Grips  - Kraton flanged BMX
Stem -  Bontrager
Brake Levers -  Tektro aluminum
Brakes - Tektro dual-pivot
Pedals - Nylon platform
Saddle - Earl BMX style
Seatpost - Steel

Updates and Further Review of my new Trek Earl:
0 Degrees and Riding / My New Trek Earl

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lock It Up! A Clinic with ABUS Locks

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Lock It Up!

A Clinic with ABUS Locks.

6:00pm until 8:00pm in EST
Village Cycle Center and ABUS bring you "Lock It Up!" a how-to clinic on bicycle locking and security.

For our first clinic of the new year, we will going over where to, how to, and what to lock your bike with.

Special discounts on ABUS security products at the clinic.

Raffle for free ABUS locks!

Drinks & snacks!

Indoor bike parking!


You don't have to RSVP, but if we give out free stuff, and you haven't done so, you may not get any. 

Village Cycle Center is located at 1337 North Wells Street Chicago IL 60610 

Other use full locking information can be found here:
ABUS Locks - Bicycle Theft Provention
A Quick Bit About Locking Up
Thwarting Bicycle Thievery!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Blackburn Super Flea Front & Rear Review by llama

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I have been a fan of the Blackburn Flea lights for awhile now, but with the addition of the Super Flea, I have become a super fan of them.

Lets us start off with the technical specs for the Blackburn Super Fleas:

Super Flea Front 
  • Super-small - 2.20" Lx1.30" W x.90" H
  • Super-bright White CREE® XP-G LED
  • Brilliant 120 Lumen output
  • Rechargeable Li-polymer power
  • Easy hookup magnetic USB smart charger, waterproof charging ports
  • Versatile hook-and-loop strap mounting system
  • LED fuel gauge/charge indicator
  • 1 hr High, 3hr Std, 5hr flashing run times
  • 34 grams 
Super Flea Rear
  • Ultra-bright, ultra-compact—1.30”L x .90W x 1.80”H
  • Collimating lens makes central appear larger than life, enhancing visibility
  • Compact, rechargeable LI-Ion power
  • Easy hookup magnetic USB smart charger, waterproof charging ports
  • Versatile silicone strap mounting system
  • Concave rear profile nests against seat posts to stay in place
  • LED fuel gauge/charge indicator
  • 15hr steady, 28hr flashing run times
  • 36 grams

So, the specs are all laid out, but what do all those numbers and terms mean? They mean this is one very bright, rechargeable, easy to use, light all smooshed into a reasonable size.

Everything I liked about the Flea, now with more power in the Super Flea!

After 3 years of using rechargeable lights, I have not purchased, used, recycled, a battery in a bike light for quite a long time. Saving me money, as well as the environment. One of my favorite side effects of riding a bike.

The front light has 3 modes, most of the time I use the flashing mode. When times are dark, and street lights are not around, the solid high beam of the Super Flea does the job of illuminating my ride just fine.

The rear also has 3 modes to choose from, I usually use the 3rd, so that I only have to push the button once on each light to turn them off. I was happy to see that the Fleas and Super Fleas have the same amount of modes, just for that reason. It may be something small, but at the end of a long, wet, cold ride, it is the little things that matter.

Upgraded mounting bracket is quite nice on the rear light. Do wish the front had the same, but the only problem I ever had with the Velcro is that it wore out after a couple years of daily use. Which really is a fair life expectancy for a Velcro strap that is replaced very cheaply. The amount of money I have saved in batteries in far greater than the $.99 part.

Still rechargeable via USB, but now with a sweet little rubber strap to hold the light more securely to the charger, you can even charge it upside down.

Super Flea front light is super bright!

Lots of power in quite a small package.

Not too bulky.

So bright my tail is on fire!

New bracket holds the Super Flea rear on tight!

The light is even visible from the side.

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Short Days, End of the World, Bike Lights

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On the shortest day of the year, and maybe the last, here are a few reasons why bike lights are great:
This is one of mine. Purchase here

1. They bring happiness. I am one of those people who pines for summer as soon as the temperature dips below 60 degrees and/or the sun starts setting earlier than 8pm. However, when the sun won't obey my orders and stick around, I'm glad that I have bike lights to keep me safe so I can continue to do what makes me happy: ride my bike.

2. I hear Chicago is in the midst of a snow storm. If you get caught in a snow bank, the blinking red light will alert others to where you are. But please don't get caught in a snow bank. Thanks.

3. Last but not least, if the end of the world should occur at any point today, you can always use bike lights as flashlights when the power grid fails. The batteries tend to last a long time.

More technical info on bike lights here: